Obstetric Clinic in East Melbourne: From Conception to Delivery

As an obstetrician with an expertise in fertility and gynaecology, Dr Alex Polyakov can maintain continuity of care from conception to delivery.

Dr Polyakov is a Consultant Obstetrician at Epworth Freemasons, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Frances Perry House, and the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria. He is a highly experienced obstetrician providing modern obstetric care for normal and high-risk pregnancies.

Approachable and flexible, Dr Polyakov is committed to see all new cases within one week of referral and also offers after hours consulting.

Planning a pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy, it is important to first see your GP in order to get your body ready and to give yourself and your baby higher chances of a healthy outcome.


Dr Polyakov is happy to walk you through the steps of the three trimesters of pregnancies. It is important to have general visits at your obstetric clinic during each trimester to determine if you are healthy and what care you should be following for the rest of the pregnancy.

Also in the prenatal stage, the doctor can give you information about morning sickness, care during pregnancy and possible associated conditions to pregnancy.

Labour and Birthing

Dr Alex Polyakov supports every woman’s decision to choose how she wants to give birth, from natural vaginal births to elective caesarian sections. He will also help you to understand the symptoms of labour. He also provides a range of information about birthing including what to bring to the hospital, interventions during labour and birth and more.

Post Natal

The effect of pregnancy and labour on a woman’s body and psyche can be tremendous. Alex is available to assist you in any childcare questions you might have, such as questions regarding breast feeding, how your body will best adjust to the transition and a range of other parental hints for your baby and you.

Dr Alex Polyakov will care for you from conception through to delivery. Contact him today to set up an appointment.