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Often Dr Polyakov’s patients ask about complementary medicines as part of their holistic approach during IVF, gynaecological treatments or pregnancy. Whilst such therapies are widely used, it is important for patients to be fully informed since not all of them have been proven effective and their safety may not be established. Hence, an idea a blog was created.

In collaboration with Dr Polyakov we will bring you weekly articles on various topics around reproductive health.

About the co-author

My name is Julie Kadina, I am a pharmacist with a special interest in fertility and complementary medicines. We will research the minefield of data out there, analyse it and present it to you in easy to understand, bite size pieces.

Why is nutrition important?

The nutritional value of the food we consume and lifestyle determines our health state and influences various reproductive functions.

It is important to be aware of good nutrition and healthy weight range in order to be in optimal health for fertility.

Why is exercise important?

Exercise is important for women’s fertility and during pregnancy. Excess weight in females may have a negative impact on ovulation. Whilst exercise during pregnancy not only prepares the mother for birth, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, but also the new study showed, that it may boost baby’s neurological development.

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