Fertility Treatment Options for Women Over 40

2 egg fertilising options for women

You may have heard a range of different things about fertility treatments for women over 40. Tales range from the fictional to the latest technologies. Unfortunately however, the quality of information provided to women over 40 in the media is usually unreliable.

Don’t get too upset if you’re over 40 and want to have a family. Things are getting a lot better these days. Modern medicine is delivering fabulous results, and your chances of getting pregnant are improving with new research and better fertility treatments.

True and false stories about fertility options for women over 40

Let’s remove a few urban legends from the fertility equation:

  • It is true that for women over 40, fertility treatments may be necessary. The simple fact is that the age of a woman’s eggs does play a critical role in successful conception.
  • It is not true that women over 40 have little chance of conception. In fact, that particular myth is quite untrue. Many women over 40 have normal healthy children, and the success rate is increasing.
  • It is true that women over 40 may encounter difficulties with fertilisation. This is usually related either to a specific fertility issue, or in some cases, medical conditions.
  • Most generalisations about poor fertility chances over the age of 40 are untrue. It is absurd to categorise all women over 40 as infertile because of age or unable to conceive. All women are different, therefore all women have different chances of successful conception.
  • It is true that new technologies are improving success rates of fertilisation methods. Please be aware that not all treatments are suitable for specific individuals.  

Fertility Treatment Options for Women Over 40 – Overview

Fertility treatment options for women over 40 include:

  • IVF – This method of fertility treatment remains the centrepiece of modern fertility treatments. IVF includes a range of fertility options, including male fertility issues and fertility management.
  • Egg donor options – Egg donor options have improved in recent years. New technology and better medical practices have enabled significant success rates for donor eggs.
  • Hormonal therapies – Hormonal imbalances, stress, and other medical conditions impact fertility and the chance of conception. New methods for treating these conditions are also improving fertility success rates.

How to go About Evaluating Fertility Choices

Women over 40 considering conception should speak to their medical practitioner. Discuss your situation with a fertility specialist for evaluation of fertility choices first. In this field, it is always best to select the conception option which is most appropriate for the individual.

The consultation process is useful in pinpointing conception choices for individuals.  It also helps to reduce the risk of unproductive outcomes. It’s much better to be well informed and aware of your choices.
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