How to stay healthy and sane during quarantine

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Staying at home is meant to put an end to the COVID-19 crisis, but not your healthy lifestyle. It’s natural that many may be struggling with healthy eating and sticking to a “normal” fitness routine when things are everything but normal. However, there are ways to help! This ABC Coronacast covered some great tips for mental health, and we’ve added some more for you.

Practice physical distancing but social connecting

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. You can still stay in contact with people you care about using 21st-century technologies. Texting, calling and facetiming are all ways to connect with others!

Telehealth services

In Australia, the government has recently made available new telehealth services that you can access at home. All Medicare eligible Australians can receive these services.

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Try mindful meditations or yoga

If you are feeling irritated, anxious or stressed, try mindful meditations via guided meditation apps or the ABC Mindfully podcast. Yoga is also a perfect mind-body practice that can calm your mind. It’s easy to start - join the 7 million people in practicing yoga on Youtube.

Keep moving

The gym may be closed, but you still have internet! There are tons of FREE home workout videos or tutorials online that can keep you busy every day. Exercise is known to release the “feel good” hormone, endorphin, which can help lighten up your day. Start with these bodyweight exercises that require no equipment. If you want to increase the difficulty, add some resistance with either a resistance band or dumbbells.

Don’t fall for stress eating

Stress and boredom are triggers for overeating. “Comfort foods” may offer you a temporary stress relief could soon become an unhealthy habit. Try to plan your meals ahead or get meal plan deliveries, such as a set of 21 meals each week, so that you stick to eating the right amount of food. Usually, these service providers also make sure your meals are nutritious and balanced.

For more tips on how to eat while stuck at home, you can read this ABC blog.

Keep yourself busy with something new

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and restricting, you can use it to pick up new habits or do things that you haven’t had time to do before COVID-19! Here are some ideas:

  • Declutter your home and clean up/organise your space
  • Listen to a new podcast
  • Watch a new documentary
  • Watch some TED talks on trendy new things
  • Read a new book or one that has been on your list forever
  • Learn a new language on YouTube or Duolingo
  • Pick up a new hobby, such as baking or writing
  • Take a fun course on Udemy, Edx, Coursera or Skillshare

Lastly, check out this awesome illustrated guide to self-care and share it with your friends and families!