Specialist Obstetric Care

Based in the heart of East Melbourne, Dr Alex Polyakov is a highly qualified obstetrician helping women and couples to fulfil their dreams. Providing modern obstetric care, Dr Alex can assist you with both normal and high-risk pregnancies. His care and services begin prior to conception and continue through to and beyond delivery, offering you the peace of mind and continuous care that you and your family deserve.

With expertise in fertility and gynaecology, Dr Alex’s obstetric services can also assist you if you are having difficulty conceiving or if you have other reproductive health concerns.


Pregnancy Planning – Fertility and Gynaecology

Planning your pregnancy alongside your GP and health professionals is essential and Dr Alex offers a range of resources to get you started. If you have been trying to fall pregnant for 12 months or more, Dr Alex can offer fertility investigations for men and women.


An Experienced Obstetrician for Each Trimester of Pregnancy 

As an obstetric specialist, Dr Alex’s care covers every major phase of your pregnancy.

First trimester care includes:

  • ongoing checks of both your health and your baby’s health
  • support and answers to any questions or concerns you have
  • lifestyle advice, essential nutrition and exercise

Second trimester care includes:

  • ongoing checks of the baby’s development and changes in your health
  • ultrasounds, screening tests and sex determination
  • ongoing tests to check for complications and tailor your care plan, which will continue for the remainder of your pregnancy

Third trimester care includes:

  • more detailed information about labour and delivery
  • discussions about surgical delivery, vaginal birth and medication considerations
  • initial information about life after pregnancy


Labour Options and Assistance

As your obstetrician, Dr Alex Polyakov is here for you from conception to delivery. In the lead up to labour, Dr Alex can help you understand the signs of labour as well as recommend childbirth preparation classes if desired.

We will discuss and put your preferences for the delivery into action – vaginal birth, elective Caesarean Section, pain relief options (if any) and the use of extra equipment.


High-Risk Pregnancy Obstetric Specialist

Dr Alex also specialises in high-risk cases, such as pregnancies that involve:

  • existing health conditions
  • patients who are overweight or obese
  • multiple births
  • patients with a young or old maternal age (teenagers and those 35+)

In these cases, high-risk facilities and complete expertise in women’s reproductive health is invaluable. With experience in endocrinology, fertility and microsurgery, Dr Alex ensures that every possible consideration is carefully planned for in order to understand, overcome and whenever possible, avoid complications.


Meet Dr Alex Polyakov

Dr Alex Polyakov is a Consultant Obstetrician at Epworth Freemasons, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Frances Perry House, and the Royal Women’s Hospital. His experience in women’s reproductive health spans the specialities of gynaecology, fertility and IVF, obstetrics, laparoscopic surgery and related areas.

Learn more about Dr Alex here or contact us online to organise an appointment.