What Causes Male Infertility

Here’s a look at some of the many factors contributing to male infertility, and what you can do to increase your sperm count…

How can male infertility be classified?

Primarily there are three main classifications of causes of male infertility, each containing numerous contributing factors:

Medical – Clinical reasons include medication, infections, hormone imbalances, sexual intercourse difficulties, etc.

Environmental – Our environment is filled with pollutants which can affect male fertility (chemicals/heavy metals/radiation to name a few).

Lifestyle – Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are prime contributors to male infertility along with obesity, stress and a sedentary lifestyle all of which are often linked with a demanding occupation.

Idiopathic – where no obvious cause is found

What can interfere with my sperm quality?

What’s needed for good fertility isn’t just lots of sperm, it needs to be good quality also. And just to be clear the amount of semen doesn’t guarantee that it contains viable sperm….they are two different entities.

Drugs, alcohol, stress, tobacco and diet can all interfere with sperm production and quality…but  luckily all these things you can change!

So what can be done to improve your sperm ?

To start with there are a few things you can change to help you recover your fertility levels:

  1. Reduce your alcohol intake – the odd glass of wine with a meal is okay
  2. Stop smoking (tobacco and other substances)
  3. Check your BMI (body mass index) and try and get to an optimum weight level
  4. Cut down on sugar and fatty foods
  5. Get lots of rest and sleep, but exercise too (walking and swimming are great things you can do with your partner)
  6. Switch to wearing boxer shorts if you don’t already
  7. Take supplements specifically designed to improve sperm quality, such as Menovit

Improve your chances of conception?

There are no guarantees, but unless you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions and you put in the maximum effort you should see an improvement. Focus on limiting any negative factors that contribute to your low sperm count .

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