Post-operative scar management


The post-operative period refers to the time period between the end of the surgical procedure and when you can restore back to your normal activities. During this period, normal physiological functions get restored, tissues heal from the surgical trauma and physical strength will be regained gradually.

What to expect after gynaecological surgery?

  • You may experience mild to moderate pain at the operation site for several weeks after surgery.
  • Feeling of lightheadedness and nausea is common in the initial few days after surgery.
  • Your incisions will be covered with surgical dressing that will be removed after 1 week of the surgery.

Post-operative Instructions

  • Do not lift heavy weights for a period of 3 months after surgery.
  • There may be a risk of developing blood clots in the first few days of surgery. This can be prevented by starting to walk early after surgery, avoiding crossing of legs at ankles or knees.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • Eat foods that contain high fibre (fruits and vegetables) or take fibre supplements.
  • Drink minimum of eight glasses of water every day.
  • Use stool softeners prescribed to you.
  • Gradually increase your activity level as it improves bowel function.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for six weeks following the surgery.
  • You may return to work usually within six weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid swimming or using bath tubs until your follow-up visit six weeks after surgery.

Recovering Well